There are more and more good people in life, and often put a small camera in the bag as the normal state of life. They may not pay attention to the quality of the picture, and they are not very concerned about the composition. They record the bits and pieces of life in the form of images in the way of "I take it, I am."

“Being with you, whenever you want, and taking pictures” is the slogan of this group of lovers. It is especially important for them to carry them. For them, in the field of digital cameras, in addition to the huge digital SLR cameras, small life record cameras are also more and more.

CHUHE WF001 body size 33*33*13.8mm, weighs only 34g, very small and light, a total of two buttons for the machine to turn on and off, Wi-Fi module, etc., respectively, on the front of the fuselage and the fuselage side.

In terms of video quality, CHUHE WF001 can shoot 1080P up to 30FPS video, 720P up to 60FPS video, and is equipped with a 320mAh non-removable lithium battery. It can shoot for about 90 minutes at full power. CHUHE is officially equipped with a basic back clip that can be mounted directly on the back of the main unit. It can be easily caught on the clothes after installation.