Which do not have a security system installed, are more prone to be attacked by burglars. It is 300% more likely that thieves will target a house that does not have a security system rather than a home,
which has a good protection system installed.  
Most of the time people make a mistake of installing just one camera on the main door and think that they are now completely secure. Most of the time, whenever a home is robbed, intruders enter either by breaking the door or through a window.  
Windows provide easy access to thieves because they are easier to break.

Most standard windows do not have secure locks and the sound of glass breaking is hardly heard by neighbors. This tells us that the windows need protection too!  

So now, you must be thinking what protection can you put in place for your windows. Well you do not need to worry about that because CHUHE S1 has an innovative solution to this problem.

Why should you choose the S60 bird camera by CHUHE?
CHUHE has come up with the perfect protection for your windows. This solar camera provides you with a 24/7 access to your windows.  
When a potential thieve sees a camera at your window, it is very less likely that they will still decide to break in. The CHUHE S1 has other great features too.

1. It uses solar energ

This is the world’s first solar powered wire free Wi-Fi camera. This means that the camera does not need any wires or electricity connections to work. Just  install it near your window and it will keep watch on your property 24/7. All you need are three screws to fix it and some sunlight to give it power. It has an inbuilt 4000mah battery, which keeps it on all day and night.

2.It has a two way audio to talk to people outside the window

3. It is super-fast
The CHUHE S1 has been built with a two way detection method (PIR and RADAR) which can detect even the slightest motion on your window. It has a 0.7-second trigger speed technology, which means that no motion goes undetected with this camera.

4. Highest quality video
1080p Full HD daytime video quality, which gives you crisp footage of everything that it has captured.

5. Equipped with night vision
One of the major drawbacks of many security cameras is that they do not support night vision and even if they do, it is of very low quality. However, the CHUHE S1 has been built with five layers of glass lens. It can detect up to 30 – 49 feet at night. Its inbuilt LED lights further enhances its night vision. Another great feature this camera has is the capability to automatically switch from day to night mode that makes it even more reliable. 

6. Multiple storage methods
Save locally or in the cloud. Capture all footage via SD card locally or send footage directly to the cloud! All footage captured and saved by this camera is encrypted which adds extra protection to your data.  

7. it could bear -20° to +60° temperature for outside the window

It gives you 24/7 access to your home and is always on and always ready. It comes in at a very reasonable price and will keep your home and your family well protected.